Why Nigeria? Let me tell you!


I am new when it comes to blogging and so I will tell you something about me first.

I am born British citizen, I was raised in Germany and I lived most of my life in the Netherlands.

Yes, I wrote indeed "lived", this because of the fact that I imigrated to Nigeria last year ...!

Now you're wondering, like all the others, why Nigeria?

Well it's actually really simple, eventhough it may sound like a cliché, but my reason was Love!

I met my husband in the Netherlands and we were together for about a year when he suddenly had to return to Nigeria. This was not because of a visa issue or anything, but because of the sad fact that his father had passed away (R.I.P.).

In Nigeria it all works a bit different than it does in Europe and so if the man of the house passes away, it is up to his eldest son to fulfill this position. This means he inherits everything and has to take care of everything including his mom and siblings.

You can probably guess that my husband was the oldest son and so he inherited the family business and his Dad's title as Chief.

With all these responsibilities it was inpossible for my husband (back then still my boyfriend) to return to me in the netherlands.

The moment I realized that he wouldn't come back was really hard for me and I broke up all contact to him. I thought it was better to just forget about him and to move on, but I couldn't! No day would pass without him being on my mind.

Last year may I finally decided to travel to Nigeria and to see for myself what I truly wanted. I knew that if I wanted to be with him I would have to live there, so I had to figure out if I would be able to do so. I figured if I couldn't at least I had given it a chance.

Amazingly enough it took me not up to one week to know that I did not only love him but also the country. Nigeria is very beautyfull and the people are most friendly. It litterly is a whole different world than it is in europe.

Eventually he asked me to marry him and I did not even thought about it and said "yes". At the end of October last year I had finally sent all my belongings from the Netherlands to Nigeria and it was time for to start my new life...