My visit to a Nigerian Movie Set

From left to right: My Husband, Ebele Okaro, Me, The director & my Brother in law Somto Fimbar Nwanga
From left to right: My Husband, Ebele Okaro, Me, Ngozi Ezeonu, The director & my Brother in law Somto Fimbar Nwanga

Somto, my husbands youngest brother, is simply great. He is super sweet, helpful and always happy. His presence never stays unnoticed and parties usually start as soon as he comes in. Even despite the fact that he is still attending the university, it doesn't stop him to also act in movies. He has already played in a few Nollywood movies with Nigeria's most famous actors. Out of natural habit I am a very curios person and so I asked him one day how it all goes into work. Somto did not hesitate long and asked my husband if he wanted to come along to the set with me. So a few days later we did. We had to go to Asaba which is just across the big bridge.

At first, I was amazed because it was not done in any way as you would expect. The area wasn't shielded or anything, the recordings were made at a small street restaurant and even the filming was done by a small camera instead of a big film camera as you would see on TV. Children ran everywhere and tried (just like me) to see everything. To not disturb the recordings, everyone was asked to be quiet. It was interesting to expirience something like this live and up close.


After this specific scene was recorded, the director discussed certain points with the actors and everyone took a short break to rehearsal the next scene. Somto took this opportunity to introduce me to everyone, including Ngozi ezeonu & Ebele Okaro. I found this to be special because these two ladies are 2 very famous actors in the country and I have seen a lot of movies of them. They were super friendly, and were not arrogant in any way, even a few jokes were made. A little later they all had to go back to work again and my husband thought it was time to leave.


It was a short visit but non the less very interesting, it gave me an idea of how all is done on a movie set in Nigeria. An experience that I definitely cherish, because even though it was not what I expected, for me it was amazing and very special. Somto promised to take me along another day to see the bigger movie sets and even more actors, so I guess this story will have follow up.