Christmas in Nigeria

You would think that when Nigerians talk about Christmas that just like us they would talk about Christmas trees, Christmas music and Christmas day festivities. Nothing could be less true. . The Nigerian Christmas period is from the middle of December until the beginning of January. During this time many Nigerians that live abroad come back home to visit their families, get married, take part in wedding ceremonies or some other type of celebrations. Most of the Nigerians that live in Nigeria do not actually live in the villages where they were raised but have moved in adolescence to the big towns or cities for work and so in the Christmas periods they also return home to their families in the villages. Our family however did not return to the village for the Christmas of 2017 and it was interesting and strange to see how quiet the town was when most people had left

Christmas is not celebrated here in the way that we would celebrate it in Europe. I love Christmas and everything that goes with it so for my first Christmas here in 2016 I had a huge culture shock. I sat all day, more or less alone, watching films to keep me occupied. Sorry, but this is not the way I know or like Christmas and so I decided that European / Nigerian families have united and so must some of the European/ Nigerian traditions ( at least a little) and so I decided to show my husband and my in-laws how we do it in Europe. We had a tree, decorations, a Christmas dinner and even presents for each other. It was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves. Obviousy I enjoyed it the most because it was a little bit of “home” and I think for my first European Christmas in Nigeria I did quite well.

The Nigerian part of Christmas was a full programme like 'end of the year parties, visiting people that we know from Amsterdam and a few weddings and birthdays. We were invited to Nollywood actor, “Ken Erics”wedding in Enugwu. What a lovely wedding that was and his bride was so beautiful. There were so many people there and we were late (as usual) but luckily Somto had saved us a place so that we could see everything

We were also invited to an exclusive “All White Party”in Onitsha. I really did enjoy that. The DJ was DJ Austin from Amsterdam and he played really good music  so that my husband and I danced the night away.

Oh, last weekend we were in Benin, visiting 2 friends. I have never been to Benin before so it was interesting to see the differences between Benin and Onitsha. It fascinates me here to see how much difference there can be in two towns. All in all it was a super closure to the Christmas period.

Now life is getting back to normal and it’s back to work. My husband is re-charged his batteries and is working hard to make changes in the company and make our dreams come true.