How to learn Igbo?

Okay, after I've been living in Nigeria for a while now, I decided it's time to learn the Igbo language. You would think that by now I would be able to speak a little, but unfortunately this is not the case. To be honest, I am a bit dissappointed in myself, because I actually understand foreign languages very quickly. Normally I learn a language by reading it, but this is almost impossible here. Why you ask, well the way I would read, and so by pronounce, it as a European is not the way the words are actually pronounced in Igbo.

So I wondered 'what now'? A friend was kind enough to send me a few pictures from a children's school book, but here too I did not have any audio to know how I should pronounce it. Very frustrating! Then I came up with the glorious idea that I would write the words I want to learn in my own way, so that I first learn to pronounce it. Learning to read and write would be possible later. Problem here is that I am the kind of person who doesn't like to asks others for help, so here too I was kind of stranded.


Suprisingly enough, many on-line courses are offered to learn Igbo, but never before I had to pay to learn a language, so this time I don't want to either.

I almost started to give up hope when my sister-in-law Ogoo said that I just had to search in the 'Google App Store'. So I did, and wow there are more programs to learn Igbo than I ever expected. So after downloading some of them, I had to try them out to see which one works best for me. I came up with:


  • Igbo Basic Phrases – Work offline

  • I Na – asu Igbo: Greetings I

  • and Igbo – English translator 

I hope that these App's can at least teach me a little so that I won't feel so lost anymore. From experience I know that once you can speak the basics, the rest quickly follows.

All I say now is "Mgbasa oma" (Good Bye) and who knows, maybe my next blog post is in Igbo, haha.