24. January 2018
Living in Nigeria, I thought it was time to learn my Husbands language, but it wasn't as easy as I hoped.
16. January 2018
Let me tell you about the differences between European and Nigerian Christmas.
04. January 2018
Sorry for being offline for a while, but now I am back...
07. November 2017
A lot of people keep asking me about the first time I traveled to Nigeria and about how I experienced it, so let me tell you the story about my arrival at Lagos Airport.
31. October 2017
This Blog is about me getting nominated for the "Liebster Award"and about me nominating 5 other online Blogs.
30. October 2017
Somto, my brother in law, is a Nollywood Actor and here is my story about visiting him on the Set.
27. October 2017
Engagements and Weddings are different from the one's we know of Europe, so let me tell you how it's done in Nigeria
20. October 2017
I want to tell you a little about Onitsha, the city I live in.
20. October 2017
Many people ask why I moved to Nigeria so before you'll ask me, let me just tell you!